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    Longevity startups are changing the world around us
    Now you can get involved too.

    With advancements in medical technology and a growing aging population, the longevity market is poised for explosive growth. Our platform is designed to help you capitalize on this trend, offering a range of investment options that are focused on companies developing innovative solutions to help people live longer, healthier lives. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, our platform provides the tools and expertise you need to invest in the future of longevity.


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    When you invest, you're investing in the success of founders, artists, entrepreneurs and creators. We’ve made it our mission to expand access to innovative investments, empower individuals through education and give people the power to invest in the future they believe in.

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    Invest in the Future with Finite

    Want to learn more? Join Guy Bahat, our founder for a 1 on 1 call for a demonstration of the platform. Available only for a limited time!

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    We’re building a global investing community that is active and collaborative. We form strategic partnerships to support founders and investors alike.

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    We serve our clients through a global network powered by partnership, integrity, and a shared purpose of advancing sustainable economic growth and financial opportunity.

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